The clock strikes 12. She tossed in her bed. Sleep she said. No, she heard. Yet again. Sleep continued to evade. Her mind is buzzing as a lullaby plays on her phone. 

No, it is not time yet. Her mind roars, it isn’t time yet. A laughter she hears. I have a lot to tell you; a lot many moments to play before you sink into those blissful moments of deep slumber, her mind drones with ecstasy. Not again, she pleads. Not again, please. 

It was one of those many days. Those days when those gloomy shades of grief struck a chord with her fragile heart; singing a tune to tear her soul apart. Not again, she wished. Not now, she cried. Why me, she wailed. A laughter was all that she heard. I chose you, stated her fate.

How much she wished to run across to someone and cry her heart out. To drain away those memories which haunted her thoughts. To let go of all that she held on to. How much she wanted it! Only she knew!

How much she wanted to belong somewhere. Some place was what she called it. Some place where she wasn’t alone. Some place where she felt at home. Some place where she wasn’t different. How much she wanted it! Only she knew!

The clock said midnight. The time wasn’t right. A phone call. Someone was just a phone call away. Deep within she knew it. She knew it. She had to talk to that someone. Talk of all the weirdness that housed within her. Talk about things that troubled her soul. Talk of her mind which played games with her. Talk of all things that mattered to her. Talk of all things that never mattered. She had to put down a burden which weighed her down. There was someone she could talk to. That someone who she could talk to, was probably sleeping. The clock said midnight.

She dialed that number. Ring. Ring. 

“Hello”, said a voice. “Are you ok?” As if she knew it. Even before it was said.

“No”, she said. “I want to talk. My mind. It is driving me crazy.”

“I know it”, she heard. “Been there. Know that feeling. Let’s talk.”

“You know, I am weird”, said she. “Me too”, she heard. A smile. A smile played on her face. She belonged there. Belonged there like nowhere else. This was that feeling called home. Inexplicable. 

Aren’t these the kind of people we long for in our lives?  Aren’t these the people we call friends? What better day to celebrate the very people who touch our hearts in ways unique?

A very happy friendship day to all those who choose to celebrate this beautiful bond!