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Ghosts of the Past!


Just when she thought that the worst was over,
They returned with vengeance
To haunt with memories of a past
That had begun to fade

The ghosts had resurfaced
To remind of mistakes
Mistakes she called lessons
Lessons, she thought she had learnt
Will we see you learn?
They scorned at her
Oh, not in this lifetime,
They sneered in sadistic joy
Her flooded eyes spoke all that she didn’t

This was the last, she promised
Never again, she cried
The walls have been built
This time stronger
This time higher
And yet another time
She took a vow
A vow to protect
The fragile fragments of a broken soul..



Dictionary Series - Politics: independence

Is it the cliched namesake of freedom?
Or this revered sense of self-reliance?
Or an oft praised notion of autonomy?

Break those shackles
And begin thy journey
To a destination called In-dependence!
Or so proclaimed an innocent soul!

But caged, aren’t we?
By the unwritten rules of the world
Oh, the image of perfects in life
Of ideals and virtues centuries old
Change, did you say?
That, my dear, comes at a price
A price that you cringe to pay
So caged we remain
Yet independence we claim

Caged, aren’t we?
In never ending games of our beautiful minds
With fears and frights held on tight
Not good enough, are we?
A little of this
And a little of that
Would have made the grass greener on my side
Independent, did you say?
Trapped in a cellar of defeatist thoughts
Independence we claim

Caged, aren’t we?
In an over-rated pursuit of self-sufficiency
With egos that dismiss reliance on another
Togetherness, the door’s that way
Crumbling self-esteems and fragile emotions
Yet, independence we claim

Wonder I do,
Independent, are we?
Maybe, maybe not!

20 Years Of Magic!

20 years apparently. 20 years since we were inducted into the world of magic at the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. A generation that grew up with the likes of Harry, Ron and Hermione today feels happily old. 20 years it has been.


20 years since platform 9 3/4 became a thing to reckon with.
20 years since three young kids started a journey
A journey of undying friendship teaching us lessons many
20 years since magic became a household name

Magic. I have often wondered if magic would have meant the same if it were not for Harry Potter and his entourage. The spells and potions, was that what Hogwarts brought to us? The heroic wars and magical tournaments, was that what J K Rowling intended to give us? Maybe. Maybe not.

Magic for me, was in those characters. The friendships that stood the test of time. The togetherness that no storms could mar. The little tussles. The sweet patch ups. The will to stand up against friends and yet fight for them. To live by the promises made. To choose a path less trodden. 

Unconditional love. Selfless sacrifices. Uncelebrated heroes. Silent companions. Burning insecurities. Numbed pains. Unparalleled loyalties. Magical learnings. Humble beginnings and ecstatic endings. Harry Potter wasn’t really about Harry or his heroics. Harry Potter was about digging out magic in the ordinary. It is a story of triumph; triumph of the ordinary over the extra-ordinary. By virtue of love. 

Years later, I read those books one more time. And fell in love yet again. Fell in love with the innocence of a childhood that believed in magic. Fell in love with words that could heal. Fell in love with unconditional. Yet again.

One may ask, after all this while?

And in memory of a certain Severus Snape, I would say “Always”. 

Home, a homage to thee!

That ethereal feeling of belongingness
Haven’t you been there before?
Clouds of doubt drifting away
Leaving a space
That smells like freedom
Hearts beating to a rhythm
That sounds like symphony
Numbing pains
That once refused to fade
Haven’t I been there before?

I have!
Oh, that feeling of home
Of unending chatter
Of unpretentious laughter
Of unbounded emotions
And unconditional love

Who said love is that feeling?
Isn’t home the one?


G for Good-byes!

The lingering fragrance of sweet smelling memories
And the thought of leaving them behind
Goodbyes and their bitter sweet pain;
Are beyond what words can express


Looking back at the moments lived
With an infused fear
Of to be broken promises
And mandatory distances
Goodbyes and their heart wrenching pain;
Aren’t they hard to express?

The growing up tales of forevers
And fairytales
Magical beginnings
And happily ever afters
Goodbyes were distant and dreamy
Not anymore!

As I attempt
a versification of goodbyes,
for an alphabet-game;
Resolve I do,
goodbyes are welcome
Memories shall stay,
the good and the bad
To be opened as pages,
of a once upon a time.

A toast to new forevers!

Fiercely Fragile!

Stony stares
Withdrawn smiles
Distant associations
Pretentious independence

Fierce she was
Fierce indeed

Fierce indeed
To those eyes
Eyes she labels the prying world

Darkened nights
Silent prayers
Tearful memories
Misplaced trust
She held them dear
She held them near

The fragility of those emotions
Sublime and pure
Privy only to the darkness of nights

Fragile she was
Only through her eyes!

Topic courtesy : Terribly Tiny Tales

Emotions Et Al!

Do I see surging waves of love
Gushing through the winds?
Do I see them rushing?
Rushing in sweet anticipation
Of a shore
Of bliss and bloom

Yes, I do
Yes, I do

Love, they say, conquers all;
Haughty and triumphant
In the battlefield of emotions et al
Wonder, I do
Does this hold true?

The raging flames of fury
The gnawing claws of envy
The gluttonous glances of greed
The distant dances of distrust
And the prying pangs of pain
Powerful, aren’t they?

Or do you still say,
happiness shall prevail
for love conquers all?

If only you choose, my dear
If only, you choose;
Love shall wear the crown

Emotions are such
Choose what you should
And so shall you get!

A clandestine affair!

Once a persistent companion. Now a forgotten memory. An impression that callously invades the chambers of her reckless mind when the goddess of sleep is at her nasty best. Oh, does she miss those days when conversations were endless and happiness seamless? Maybe she does; maybe not.

Once a friend. Now a nagging guilt. Maybe a missed thought when her heart soars in happiness or sags in pain.

Lost were the days when they shared a vibe. Be it the fears that ripped her apart or the passions that fueled her, he was averse to none. From a day that held her in splits to a moment that brought tears, it was for him to know. A thought that touched her heart; a soul that made her smile; an idea that courted her mind; it was all for him. And he was all ears. A tune that played on her lips or a note that held her breath; he was always the first to know. The innocence of her childhood. The experiences that moulded her. The ideals that she lived by. The insecurities that doused her. He knew it all. For the longest time. Not anymore.

She often wonders, did she burn those memories for good? Years of togetherness up in flames for the fear of being tarnished. Such was the identity of their relationship. Profound. Yet clandestine.

With yet another futile attempt to tame a demon named sleep, she makes a promise. A promise to pick the shards of a forgotten love and weave stories afresh.

The pages of her diary fluttered in inexplicable bliss.


In moments that shower smiles
And feelings that spell joy
In mistakes that usher in tears
And lessons that hold for life

Some characters take form

Between what was and what is
And some what could have beens
Unfolding a past ages behind

A story comes to life

Tugging at the deterministic reins of a stubborn heart
Piercing the stoic pieces of a wishful soul
Dancing at random to unruly tunes

A composition stands rendered

Seizing the deserted spaces of an unrelenting mind
Reminiscent of the days gone by
Memories; the good, the bad and the ugly
Clinging to a past long lost

Stage a symphony on the podium of life

Reliving some moments of soulful bliss
And some more that broke thy heart
Licking wounds that did never heal
Longing for a time left behind

Memories live another life!


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