Separation was inevitable
Two lone drops of tears rolled down her cheeks
She hid them and stated without emotion,
“The misery shall end soon”

Did she see something in his eyes?
She thought she did
He acknowledged,
“Let the funeral be grand”

 Did she really mean it when she said that the misery was to end? This was no misery for her. If only he knew. Maybe he knew. For he knew her more than anyone else.

Could she ever acknowledge it? Maybe one day. One day before it was too late. She wouldn’t; she knew it. Yet again, she relived those beautiful moments and choked the emotions behind them. The memories. If only those weren’t just memories, she wished. She saw those moments slipping away; the happiest of her life.

If only she could hold on to those moments tight in her palms and never let them slip away. Did she not want it? Of course she did. She wanted to hold on to them and live them a hundred times more. A million times over. But she couldn’t. Fate had other plans. The cruelty of it all, she cursed herself.

The demons ripped her apart. They turned her into a coward; a runaway child who repeated that the misery was to end soon. Or was it? Maybe she didn’t know. She repeated those lines nonetheless. She wanted them to sink in. Deep. Deep in her heart. She had to free him. And be free of him; maybe.

The funeral. It was to be grand. He wanted it to be. After all these years, did he want a funeral? Years of pain; he had endured it all. Probably that called for euthanasia. Freedom from misery; finally. He deserved it; truly.

She promised him. The funeral would be grand. 

Now was the time for her to fulfill her promise.