The omnipotent. The omnipresent. The omniscient. He was an epitome of all things powerful. Of all things influential. Name and fame. They laid themselves humbly at his feet.

The world admired him. Looked up to him in awe. Sang praises of him. Hailed him. For he was the all knowing lord. The all powerful lord. 

Power. And the gluttonous feeling of superiority. He was a seeker. A good one at that. As the war for the throne of thorns got underway, he plunged in with delight and determination. That throne was to be his. He was the uncrowned king after all. Even now. 

An orchestrator he was. That suited his talents. The war had begun. The rules defined. He did it. Victory was to be his. Everything was fair in love and war. And this was an underplayed war coated with layers of deceiving love. 

I seek you. I protect you. My supreme duty it shall be. My foremost ambition shall be the welfare and the prosperity of my subjects. Support me in my plans and victory shall be yours. It is not your battle; it is mine. I shall fight it for you. The lord announced in pride. 

His hand hailed him in full glory. Experiences were to teach him better sense in no time.

The crowd echoed in unison
Hail the lord!

The power in my hands. He laughed out loud. My subjects, I shall put you to good use. The throne shall be mine. Today or tomorrow. He murmured to himself. 

Among the cheers, raised voices four. We are no fools. We are no slaves. What you seek is power. And we are no pawns. The voices echoed among hails of the lord. The chanting stopped. The crowd fell silent. Respect, someone muttered under his breath. 

The lord seemed calm. He was an actor. A fine one at that. Anger surged and flushed his face. But all that he said was, let me explain. Negotiations and discussions later, the matter stood unresolved. The rebels were not to budge. Power didn’t excite them. They sought harmony. And equality. And respect.

The lord saw the confused faces of his subjects. Fear housed in their hearts. No, they are not to go against me. Four against the rest. No match for me. Thought he, in absolute self-indulgence.

Little did he know that his subjects loathed him. All they needed was yet another powerful leader to switch sides. They may have been overwhelmed by the strength of his army but the future could tell a story different. If only; a leader emerged.

A leader was waiting to be born. An opportunity was what he sought. To uncrown the lord. Times were to change. Soon.