I scribbled some words
And poems they formed
Random thoughts, you say
Yet depth you see
Amazed, aren’t you?
Say if I may,
You love my poetry, not me

I splattered some colors
An art came to form
A rage of tones, you say
Yet tranquility you see
Fascinated, aren’t you?
Reveal if I may,
You love my creations, not me

Love those arguments
Or the arrogance?
Opinionated you say,
A perspective you see
Amusing, ain’t it?
Disclose if I may,
It wont be long,
And the fun will be gone

Seek me in my poems
Or in my art
Find me in my words
Or in my strength
Search me in my pride
Or in my beliefs
But define me by those
And you shall be wrong

I am my words, yet not
I am my opinions, yet not
I am my art, yet not
I am my conviction, yet not

Knock me on my door
Only if,
Only if you choose to love
To love me beyond
The strength in my words
The charm in my speech
Or the sheen in my talents

Wake me up from my slumber
Only if,
Only if you seek to embrace
The sadness of my soul
The wounds in my heart
And the darkness in my mind

Hold me by your hands
Only if,
Only if you promise to stay
Stay to a day when none of it is true
Stay to a day called eternity
For I am what I am today
Maybe not tomorrow!