Dictionary Series - Politics: independence

Is it the cliched namesake of freedom?
Or this revered sense of self-reliance?
Or an oft praised notion of autonomy?

Break those shackles
And begin thy journey
To a destination called In-dependence!
Or so proclaimed an innocent soul!

But caged, aren’t we?
By the unwritten rules of the world
Oh, the image of perfects in life
Of ideals and virtues centuries old
Change, did you say?
That, my dear, comes at a price
A price that you cringe to pay
So caged we remain
Yet independence we claim

Caged, aren’t we?
In never ending games of our beautiful minds
With fears and frights held on tight
Not good enough, are we?
A little of this
And a little of that
Would have made the grass greener on my side
Independent, did you say?
Trapped in a cellar of defeatist thoughts
Independence we claim

Caged, aren’t we?
In an over-rated pursuit of self-sufficiency
With egos that dismiss reliance on another
Togetherness, the door’s that way
Crumbling self-esteems and fragile emotions
Yet, independence we claim

Wonder I do,
Independent, are we?
Maybe, maybe not!