20 years apparently. 20 years since we were inducted into the world of magic at the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. A generation that grew up with the likes of Harry, Ron and Hermione today feels happily old. 20 years it has been.


20 years since platform 9 3/4 became a thing to reckon with.
20 years since three young kids started a journey
A journey of undying friendship teaching us lessons many
20 years since magic became a household name

Magic. I have often wondered if magic would have meant the same if it were not for Harry Potter and his entourage. The spells and potions, was that what Hogwarts brought to us? The heroic wars and magical tournaments, was that what J K Rowling intended to give us? Maybe. Maybe not.

Magic for me, was in those characters. The friendships that stood the test of time. The togetherness that no storms could mar. The little tussles. The sweet patch ups. The will to stand up against friends and yet fight for them. To live by the promises made. To choose a path less trodden. 

Unconditional love. Selfless sacrifices. Uncelebrated heroes. Silent companions. Burning insecurities. Numbed pains. Unparalleled loyalties. Magical learnings. Humble beginnings and ecstatic endings. Harry Potter wasn’t really about Harry or his heroics. Harry Potter was about digging out magic in the ordinary. It is a story of triumph; triumph of the ordinary over the extra-ordinary. By virtue of love. 

Years later, I read those books one more time. And fell in love yet again. Fell in love with the innocence of a childhood that believed in magic. Fell in love with words that could heal. Fell in love with unconditional. Yet again.

One may ask, after all this while?

And in memory of a certain Severus Snape, I would say “Always”.