Once a persistent companion. Now a forgotten memory. An impression that callously invades the chambers of her reckless mind when the goddess of sleep is at her nasty best. Oh, does she miss those days when conversations were endless and happiness seamless? Maybe she does; maybe not.

Once a friend. Now a nagging guilt. Maybe a missed thought when her heart soars in happiness or sags in pain.

Lost were the days when they shared a vibe. Be it the fears that ripped her apart or the passions that fueled her, he was averse to none. From a day that held her in splits to a moment that brought tears, it was for him to know. A thought that touched her heart; a soul that made her smile; an idea that courted her mind; it was all for him. And he was all ears. A tune that played on her lips or a note that held her breath; he was always the first to know. The innocence of her childhood. The experiences that moulded her. The ideals that she lived by. The insecurities that doused her. He knew it all. For the longest time. Not anymore.

She often wonders, did she burn those memories for good? Years of togetherness up in flames for the fear of being tarnished. Such was the identity of their relationship. Profound. Yet clandestine.

With yet another futile attempt to tame a demon named sleep, she makes a promise. A promise to pick the shards of a forgotten love and weave stories afresh.

The pages of her diary fluttered in inexplicable bliss.