In moments that shower smiles
And feelings that spell joy
In mistakes that usher in tears
And lessons that hold for life

Some characters take form

Between what was and what is
And some what could have beens
Unfolding a past ages behind

A story comes to life

Tugging at the deterministic reins of a stubborn heart
Piercing the stoic pieces of a wishful soul
Dancing at random to unruly tunes

A composition stands rendered

Seizing the deserted spaces of an unrelenting mind
Reminiscent of the days gone by
Memories; the good, the bad and the ugly
Clinging to a past long lost

Stage a symphony on the podium of life

Reliving some moments of soulful bliss
And some more that broke thy heart
Licking wounds that did never heal
Longing for a time left behind

Memories live another life!