A woman; how do I define her?

By the many relationships that she plays?
A cliche, ain’t it?
Written and rewritten a thousand times
If I could have a word,
She is not to be defined by those self-constrained roles!

How about the glorified plethora of virtues?
She is deemed and doomed to possess
Selflessness, did they say?
Or sacrifice?
Oh, there are many more
And some more
Blacks and whites
I wish the world spoke of grays!

Did you just mention her weaknesses?
Her vulnerabilities and her helplessness
Her fears and her anger
Her doubts and her insecurities
Do you let them define her?
No, my dear!
She is worth a thousand suns
Pardon her little flaws!

Judge her, call her names
She shall not be defined by your standards of normality
Label her, let her down
She shall rise from the flames and sing a Phoenix song
Tame her or blame her
A matter of time, she shall prove you wrong

A woman; I cannot define
For she defines herself
Roles or virtues
Vices or flaws
None define her!
For she defines herself
Her choices are her’s; none but her’s
Her passions and obsessions
Her love and hate
Her flaws and strengths
She chooses to define what defines her!

A day to celebrate her
Ask if I may, does she need one?
Maybe. Maybe not.
Nonetheless I wish,
Happy Women’s Day!!