Destiny, I have been named
Fate, my alter
When the world sleeps,
I take my course
Or so they say

Me, you define
By the lines across your palm
Or the stars that rule your charts
Maybe, by the numbers that you hold
The colors that you wear
Or the alphabets in your name

Me, you search
Among the gems in your hand
Or the prayers in your heart
And at the end of it all
You label me hard
For life isn’t fair
And I had my way

Pardon my distaste,
A paradise, you build
A fool’s one at that
If you leave it to me

Find me in the chances you take
And the choices you make
The stars and the galaxies, my dear
Have no role to play

Destiny I am,
Meant to be or not
I dont find my way
Hunt me with deeds that stand apart
And sow the seeds of a future divine
Failures shall come by
Success will follow

As the revered Jung says,
“You are not what happened to you
You are what you choose to become”

Destiny, you define
In the choices that you make!