Borders Or Bridges

A lingering question
That oft haunts my psyche
Borders, says the dictatorial voice in my mind
Bridges, echoes the melancholic strings of my heart

Burn the bridges
Build the borders
The wounds in your heart
And the scars on your soul
Aren’t they lesson enough for you?
That heap in your heart has reached its brim
One more drop and you shall not be you
Do you have it in you,
To lose what is left of you?

My mind, the master orator;
I ask of thee, isn’t there something that we call hope?

Yes, my dear; there is this magic they call hope, says he
But do you have it in you to be the subject of it?
Do you not deserve your time to heal,
Before you bring in bruises afresh?
Harsh I may sound, but the truth is so
Burn the bridges
Build the borders
I wish you good; you need not take more
Go find yourself
Before you build bridges anew

The wounds are on me
The scars are on me
Who are you to make this call?
Complained my heart in bitter reproach
Burn the bridges?
The bridges that I hold so dear
What will be left of me with those bridges burnt?
Without those bridges, a lifeless soul I shall be
Is that what you ask of me, dear mind?

Naive, you were
And naive you shall be
The borders were built eons ago
You didn’t consent
Now, what use could you put your bridges to?
I make no call;
Its your choice to make
Bruises if you choose;
I shall not deny you
In case you do not know,
I hate to see you in such pain
Yet; I shall stand by every choice you make

A war of words
And a beautiful one at that!
Burn the bridges or build some new?
Clear the borders or build some new?
The bitter-sweet battle
Of my heart and my mind
Will continue to be!

How much I wish some choices came easy!