Almost always they say; Almost always
Me, the lesser known sibling to always
Isn’t that how I have been best known
Almost always?

Me, the symbol of all things missed
Missed by a whisker
Almost always!

The gold that missed its spot
And labelled itself silver
A moment that lost its charm
Before you could call it a memory
The seed that died a mournful death
Before you could wish for a tree
A relationship that ceased to be
Before it were called marriage
An idea that killed itself
Before you could name it a venture
A lamp that blew itself off
Before it could wade away the dark
An emotion that choked itself
Before you could lend it to the world
A dream that you woke up to
Before you could give it life
Thats me, Almost

My identity : a shadow
My glory : a missed step
My destination : just about there
All so near; yet so far
Almost always
Almost always

Almost; till it becomes always
And I cease to be
Except in tales of failures
That metamorphosed to successes
Is it for me to find glory in those epics of accomplishment?
I wonder; often!