Dear Voice In My Head,

I am exhausted talking to you. So I thought, why not try something different? Not that you would listen to me. But a letter might help. Help me vent out my suppressed emotions.

My forever companion, you never stop buzzing. Does it hurt you when I am happy? Worse still, does my pain bring you happiness? Why do you roar with your croaky ugly voice to fill me up with grief when pain strikes me hot? How do you manage to bring up stories that would put any writer to shame? Do you ever look at the better side of the story? Will you ever rest your ever burning nerves? Day or night, awake or asleep, I have no respite. No respite from your annoying noise.

You know something, I say pain is a constant companion in my life. Maybe I was wrong. You are a constant companion. And you source that pain. Hurts? Hurts me too. Every time. Every time you spin your wheels of venom. Twisting every inch of my soul. Infusing poison into every cell of mine. Sadistic pleasure, isn’t that your motive?

The past. The present. The future. You control them. You, the thought in my head. Bygones are never bygones. The present is never perfect. And the future shall never be. For you wouldn’t let it be.

You, my voice hurt me. And me. I hurt the rest. The ones that I love the most. The ones who love me the most. And then I say, pain is a constant. Now I know, you are a constant. And you are the pain. When will you let go; will you ever? Two decades of existence; yet you hang on. You, the ever powerful voice in my head. I have to let you go. I will. One day. Soon enough.

Yours now,
A hopeful victim

Topic courtesy: Terribly Tiny Tales