Coffee. Each time she took that sip of cappuccino in that uptown cafe, she remembered someone. Of the beautiful memories of the years gone by. So much had changed in the past two years. What was once home now felt like a distant dream. Or did it? They both now led busy lives oblivious to the times gone by. But those times could always paint beautiful pictures of happiness when they flashed through her mind. 

“Caffe Pascucci. This Saturday.” It was one of those tiring weeks at the office. As if work had danced its way into their lives and refused to let go. Stressful timelines and seemingly impossible deadlines had taken a toll on them. Coffee could work wonders. And drive those blues away.

Coffee and some girl talk. That was all that was needed. Friends at office. Friends outside office. A bond was forged in the years that were spent together as a duo. From a lead to a mentor to a dear friend; the transition was effortless. Two people who chose their friends with utmost discretion. It was unusual in some ways that they found the company rewarding in no time. The familiarity was inexplicable. She became the family to bank upon in an alien city. A soul sister perhaps. That title later went to someone else. But she could never forgo it. Just that it was left unsaid.

Today, in that chic cafe; she remembers those times. Of the days gone by. Of those times of silent strengths and noisy turbulences. Of those times of  friendly nonchalance and unwarranted differences. As if those times had a role of their own in the many phases of her life. Some memories hold a piece of your soul. These were among those. 

“Capuccino and onion rings; your order ma’am”, said the attendant at the cafe. Memories flashed by from back in time. They gave her company with that lone book in her hand. The cafe didn’t feel lonely any more. The warmth of those memories were enough to remind her of home. 

People come and go. That is what they say. Yeah they do. But some stay. Stay till eternity.

I may not have told you; but the little things that you do are valued a lot. I may not be good at expressions; I may not make it obvious every time that those times are missed; for I do not know how. This is what I do best and hence this memoir on your birthday. As for my birthday wish; Well, let us meet at one of those Cafe Pascuccis soon enough. Real soon 🙂

A Very Very Happy Birthday To You Dipti.