A new moon night had dawned;
And darkness descended in mystical grandiose
What a sight, I gasped; an alluring one to my misty eyes!
A night that paid tribute to the dwindling cores of light
A night that celebrated the celestial stars that smiled bright!

I walked through the stranded streets of lonely bliss
In search of the hidden light of love
To the stars that gave me company with their sparkling specks of hope, I asked
What hope do you behold,
In this labyrinth of hopelessness?
With nonchalant grace, a lone star beamed
This too shall pass, proclaimed the star

I walked for hours
Hours in the dark allays of depressed being
Holding on to a hope not too deep
Dawn seemed a dream in this endless journey of the night
The ghosts of the past played on my mind
Piercing the painful chords of the brittle heart
A fear of the future settled therein;
When I saw a glimmer of light afar

A glimmer of light in this murky gloom?
Astonished and dazed, I trotted ahead
I told you so, said the star; the pride in his voice evident
This had to pass; the lamp awaits
The lamp of love to drive your darkness away

The lamp of love, I scorned at him
I wish you knew better
The lamp will burn and die its death
Darkness will descend soon enough
Not if it burns in you, argued the star
Such is the power of self love!


In the pathway to self love..