Tu khud ki khoj me nikal
Tu kis liye hataash hai
Tu chal tere wajood ki samay ko bhi talaash hai
Samay ko bhi talaash hai

Powerful lines from a rendition in the movie Pink. Striking. Touching. Inspiring too. 

How often we place our identity in the hands of others! How often we let the opinions of the world affect us! How often we “mend” ourselves and compromise on what we are worth for the world deems it appropriate or should I say we call it so! More often than not.

In between those moments of conformance, don’t we lose ourselves completely? Our dreams controlled by the opinions of others. Our passions limited by the restraints set upon us. Our little joys in the hands of those who seldom deserve it. Our sorrows suppressed in the name of being adults. Existence architected by those who believe that they know best. 

As children, we all yearned to grow up to independent adults. Adults who could take decisions. Adults who could control life. Adults who could lead the way. And then; then we grew up. Grew up searching for an identity. Searching for meaning in things that we feel, say and do. I can say that for myself. Did I grow up to what I wanted to be? Or to put it in another way, did I even know what I wanted to be? Or still know? Maybe not. I still search for answers in everything with little luck.

The search for an identity. The search for a meaning. The search for a purpose. That possibly continues. The poem says, time is waiting for me to attain that identity. Why should I lose hope? I have to tread the path to search for that identity. For time is waiting for me to attain that identity. Powerful wordplay indeed! A cue to be taken!