This shade of pink, she said. Baby pink. That was her favorite. And then some fluorescent yellow. A frown was all that she got from me. Not that expression; not again, she begged. She knew my choices.

I was getting restless. Clearly not my idea of fun. A pink and a yellow. I wonder when will I ever learn to love those colors. My choice has always been neutrals. From dresses to bags to shoes to even lipsticks, I choose a shade that spells safe. Blacks and whites; browns and grays. Boring; the world labels them but not me. So profound is my love for those shades of black and white that I even choose to convert most of my photos to black and white. I like the old world charm of a black and white. Who doesn’t like the romantic charm of something old? Oh well, I may be an old soul for all you may know. Blacks and whites spell memories; they are symbolic of all things that stay on; forever. Of things that could be held on to and trusted; of moments that will never fade away. Of memories that smell sweeter with time. 

If I could, I would paint the world in white and give it spots of black. The purity of white stained by those spots of black. Much like our lives. Pure from the outside; but housed within are tainted spots of vice. Of mistakes. Of guilt. Poetic!!

At times I wish. I really do. That I could fall in love with colors. Maybe I do.

I love them when they splash themselves on the pristine white landscape of a canvas. That feeling of colors blending to present themselves in a beautiful picture is happiness inexplicable. The only time I fall head over heels in love with those colors.

The warm reds. The soothing blues. The joyful yellows. The prosperous greens. The wild violets. The beautiful pinks. The steady browns. And of course the blacks and the whites. And their offsprings, the many shades of gray. What is a picture without a tinge of black and a speck of white? The icing on the cake; that’s exactly their role. A line of black and a spot of white. Magic descends when these colors lend their flavor to an overpowering blend of colors. 

Let’s go, nudges my friend. I was in another world all this while; she jolted me back to reality. I threw a fleeting glance at her shopping bag. Does that qualify for a rainbow? I laughed in my mind. She heard it aloud. Grays have their charm too, she teased me. Finally, you spoke the truth; I played along.