It has been a while since I wrote to you. Did I have nothing to tell you? Well, that is not the case. I took a little break. A little break from this monotony. A little break from the urge to tell you everything I felt strongly about. I missed our conversations. I did. I always do. You know it, of course. For all those missed conversations, I have a story to tell. A story of a romance with pain. A story that played for years and promises to play till eternity. 

Deep and dark
Mysterious and piercing
Pain was an enticing match
Irresistible in her beautiful black eyes
She fell for him, head over heels
Uh no, she wanted to make him feel so

I wont give in quick, said she, with a mischievous smile
The mischief in your smile
I see it clear, proclaimed pain in glorious triumph
Her heart pounded heavy for an unannounced victory
Thus started a story of romance
A story of her romance with pain

She called for a date in the rain
The only place where her tears found a haven
They danced to the tunes of water
And therein her tears embraced those droplets of pain
She declared her marriage to pain
A marriage for life
Young and naive, she made a choice; a tough one at that
Well, she had no choice

The choice was sealed
A battle was announced

A never-ending battle with the invincible pain
If he is invincible, so am I
Declared her pride
A warrior she was; or so she thought
She fought it all
Many at a time

Pain was a striker
He slashed her strong
He gave her wounds; wounds that cut deep
Each time deeper
Those scars were memories; memories that could haunt

Amidst a battle, fear sought company
And she obliged
She sought a friend
And he; he ruined her mind
Betrayal she screamed
A laugh was all that she heard
The damage was done
Irreparable it was

When she thought it was over, happiness knocked
Not once, not twice; multiple times
She shut those doors out
Experience says otherwise, said she in vengeance and pride

And again he knocked; happiness again
Go away, said she
I trust you not
Give me a chance, said he
None at all, repeated she
A smile played in those eyes
That very smile which broke her walls
Thus started an affair; an extra-marital one with happiness
A fairy tale romance with a promise
A promise of a trust never to be broken
A promise of a soul never to be hurt
A promise of togetherness to last for a life
The romance stayed alive
Until; until something changed

Pain was quick; he did find out
Those lashing whips found her soon
Happiness drove away to safety
He had played his part; his part was done
A coward he was; a runaway child
He left her alone; to be battered and bruised
This time her soul
Shattered to bits

The invincible me, she cried
That will never be me
Never ever be me

Thus continues her romance with pain

Some stories never live
Some battles never end!