A dear friend you are! And you are stepping into a new phase; a new phase in your life. You are getting married. One more to this list. 

I wish I could be there to join in the celebration of your happiness. I know I can’t. I apologize; I couldn’t keep that promise. Nonetheless, my prayers and wishes shall travel to be with you.

The years gone by. They come flashing in front of my eyes. Those days of travel and togetherness. Most important of all, the one in Indore. Anshul’s marriage. What an experience that was. The travel; the train and bus journeys, the delays and the circus to catch the flight and the bus just in time. The sightseeing and the raw beauty of exploring an unknown terrain. Our adventures and experiences. Probably the most happening and hilarious of all the trips that we have had together. The most adventurous too. The fact that we came unscathed out of all of it is a blessing in itself. I wish those moments could come by again. For us to have yet another story to narrate. Your wedding could have been one. Well, I will miss it. Though I do not want to. Destiny and its ways. Maybe another time, when we three come together yet again. 

It is your wedding. And the feeling is yet to sink in. A beautiful bride you will be. And I can’t wait to see you so. 

As you enter the sacred bond of matrimony
May happiness rain incessantly and flood your life
May the heavens and stars come together to bless you with limitless joys
May the seasons of bliss dance their way into every moment of your life
Today and always!
Forever and ever!

A toast to the sweetest person I have ever known. To one of the best friends I have ever had. To the Bharat of my life. May your world overflow with happiness forever.