It has been a year; a year since I left that place. They may call it a workplace; but I called it home. Home is where the heart is, they say. And my heart was planted there. So it was home indeed. Home it was. And miss I do. I miss the warmth of my home.

I wanted to run ahead when I was there. My dreams came calling over and over. Today my dream stands achieved; but I am not happy. I want to run back to that very place. I want to  go back in time and live those memories yet again. I want those moments one more time. And another time. A million more times. I miss that place so very much. They call it a workplace; I still call it home; a second home. A home I can’t go back to. Now.

It has been a year. But I haven’t moved on. Just not yet. And I may never. Some things are too good to be left behind. Such was that place.

Why was that place so beautiful after all? It was a place just like any other. But the strings of my heart still sing for that place. It was a place like any other but for the people I had. The two most beautiful friends I have ever had. What I miss today is not a place; what I miss is a space. I miss that place for that space. That space of joy; that space of warmth; that space of togetherness that I could never find elsewhere. 

A friend she was. Two years or more; the moments were many and memories much more. Happiness was shared. Sadness was known. And there came a time when words became passé.  Silence spoke when words didn’t. The bond went deep as days went by. Fights and arguments did come by. But our friendship swept past those. The toughest of my pains and the strongest of my joys, she was the one who knew it all. From a mentor to a friend, she was a one in all. I miss her presence and support even today.

A friend he was. A friend like no other. The one person who knew me as me; one of the many. Arguments were a way of life. Agreements were no fun. Conversations ran deep; life was a topic among many; time was a number we often lost track of. I looked for his support when the going got tough. I looked for his advice when I found myself lost. I found a shoulder to lean on when I asked for none. He was the one who could see through my eyes. Words were passé. Silence spoke when words didn’t. Those little smiles in the midst of pain; he ensured it with a diligence of sorts. I miss his care and protection even today.

Two of my friends. I miss them so much. I miss being scolded. I miss being advised. I miss being provoked. I miss being made fun of. I miss the coffees. I miss the breakfasts and lunches. I miss the arguments. I miss the fights. I miss that place. I miss that space.

It has been a year. I miss that place. And I miss them both. This was the day when we spent those last moments together. The rickshaw ride in the Bangalore traffic; the pasta and fries at a nearby rooftop; the endless banter and the truck load of gyan back home. Those moments of togetherness; I wish I could get those back. At least for a day. Today.

A toast to the very very nice people!