Yaariyan from Cocktail. One of my all time favorites. I happened to listen to it today. The reprise version by Sunidhi Chauhan; it takes me to another world altogether. The lyrics and the music have an altogether heavenly feel to it. Now why do I write this; well there was a line on the poster that struck me today; a topic that had been under discussion with a close friend for quite some time.

Sometimes good friends may be too good to share.

The weirdest of human emotions. One of the strongest too. Jealousy. That one emotion which can kill relationships even when the underlying currents are those of supreme love. Jealousy stems from love after all. No, I am not an advocate of jealousy. I have always been intrigued by this emotion. More so in the context of relationships.

Friends being too good to be shared. Not many would relate to that feeling. But the complicated minds out there can definitely hear a bell ring in their hearts. The feeling of possessiveness; that emotion of feeling less important; that notion of being subjected to a ranking system and what not. I am probably not the best person to explain this. I don’t quite understand it sometimes to the extent of being stone hearted. I have often argued that each person has a different place and no place can be deemed less important. Maybe that is my way of dealing with a potential feeling of loss. 

There is a beauty in close relationships. A beauty with a set of side effects. You could feel so much for a person that even the slightest of deviations from what has always been normal tends to hurt you. Vulnerability. None of us want to be a victim of that monstrous feeling. The farther we are from it, the better. Some like me work towards avoiding it. Then there are others in their naivety fall into that trap only to repent later. It isn’t easy either ways. Experiences mould the way you are perhaps.

Good friends may be too good to share. But isn’t it too high an expectation to have them for yourselves always; for you to be more important than the others? Would you ever be available for someone always? As much as you would say yes, that never is the case; even to a friend you call very important. Then why succumb to the negativity of possessiveness and kill something that is inherently beautiful?