You are the lamp that lights up a space
When darkness invades
They seek out to you
You let yourself burn
Till the darkness fades

You are the love that binds up a home
When loneliness invades
They seek out to you
You shower your affection
Till the loneliness fades

You are the strength that holds up a place
When difficulties invade
They seek out to you
You stand tall as a wall
Till the difficulties fade

You are the courage that pushes a pack
When fears invade
They seek out to you
You offer your assurances
Till the fears fade

You are those tears that you chose to hide
You are those dreams that were laid to rest
You are those battles that were fought alone
You are those sacrifices that you never glorified

You are a daughter
You are a sister
You are a friend
You are a wife
You are a mother
You are a woman
A woman par excellence

An ode to you dear
Is rendered seldom
Or probably never

This ode, rendered or not
You shall be you
The lamp and the love
The strength and the will
The courage and the care
You shall be you
This ode, rendered or not

Here I render
An ode to the women of this world!

It is a bit late, nonetheless, Happy Women’s Day!