Tonight is the night
The much awaited night
That night when victory shall be his

Victory over the affable moon
Fourteen wins and counting
Just one more and the trophy will be his
Unbeatable me; he roared with pride

Puffed up with conceit he looked for the moon

O my dear, are you hiding in shame?
He questioned the invisible moon
I coaxed you to play
And you, agreed

A game of hide and seek
You hide and I seek
You played it fair
You always do
And me?
Well haven’t you heard,
Everything is fair in love and war
Everything is fair; so I was too

Treachery it was
Indeed it was
I accept
I agree
The clouds and the winds
They gave you away
They left you alone
In exchange of a bribe
Such is the world
And so will it be

You and your ideals
Are a thing of the past
Hold on to them
And be left alone
The victory is mine
Accept or not

Do you hear me, he asked of the moon in desperation

Calmness personified, the moon replied from hiding
Victory is yours if you find me tonight
The battle isn’t over yet; it isn’t over for me
Fifteen consecutive wins
That was the deal
One more to go
Find me tonight and victory is yours
Find me tonight and defeat is mine

At the dawn of the dark moonless night
He set out on a pursuit
A nocturnal pursuit in search of the moon
Tonight was the night
The night that sealed his loss
His first ever one

He urged for a second chance
The affable moon sure gave him one
The past was forgotten
The moon and its ways
Some lessons are never learnt I say
The cycle did repeat
But victory was never his

His pursuit for one was not to be stopped
Yet again he set out on a pursuit in search of the moon
A nocturnal pursuit in search of the moon

An impossible pursuit in search of the moon
In search of the moon on a new moon day!