He was an enigma. Charismatic. I may say even popular to an extent. A self proclaimed PR expert. A know it all. A newsmaker, I may call him. He is the one who shall not be named!

He was mysterious in an eery sort of way. He had his hands full on every soul he happened to know. Yet he was out of bounds for the world. The reality of the body that resides within that charming persona was a well guarded secret. Many would have questioned him, I assume. I have seen some at least. But he wouldn’t budge. He had his way out of even the most candid interrogations without even giving the interrogator a clue of when he did. Not many noticed. Or so I believe.

I am among those few who did. Mystery is a fascinating trait. Given a chance, I would love to peel those layers off an enigma. But I wouldn’t question anything. That is not my forte. Neither my reputation. Just as much as I would not let anyone enter my personal space, I wouldn’t enter one either. Nonetheless, the mind always craves to discover what is unknown; mine is a story teller after all. Every unknown is a story. The truth shall not stay hidden for long after all, so said my mind in silent acceptance.


And that day did come. Fate and its ways! A chance search and I stumbled upon something that brought more questions in my mind. No, it wasn’t a great discovery. But definitely a find worth establishing a fact; what is seen is not what is; this wasn’t a person I could trust with. I wondered why would someone build a house of lies; weave a story around oneself? I wasn’t really convinced about the intent; or I should say I was clueless. I did share it with a confidante who kept this discovery to himself. As my life got busier, I put my questions to rest. I had convinced myself, this wasn’t a pursuit worth my time.

Months later, I see the layers peeling off. There have been other discoveries. This time it wasn’t me. But I happened to know. Even though it doesn’t mean anything to me today. It is just another story. It inspired me to write yet again. I choose to pen down a few thoughts wrapped in exclusivity to not let out the details. For he shall not be named.

The truth has started surfacing. I was probably the first of the lot to get a glimpse of it back then. Nonetheless, the reality is being laid bare to many today. He is oblivious to it. He chooses to stay in the cocoon of his lies. And proclaim innocence. We let him. Let the many layers peel off.

A day shall dawn when the world will sit up and notice! A day when the mask will be torn off.

All I can say is “Truth hurts but lies kill”. If not today, tomorrow. The house of cards can never be home. If only someone had the courage to accept..