I hear a ring. It’s the door bell I assume. Off goes my nap.

I look through the peep hole. I see no one. Maybe I was hallucinating. The afternoon nap has numbed your senses, the mind mumbles. I turn to go. The bell rings again. This time louder. I open the door. There is no one. Huh, I couldn’t have heard it wrong this time. It was clear and loud. There was someone at the door. Definitely. But I see no one.

Who could be playing games with me at this hour? My mind goes into a frenzy. A thought is planted. Target achieved.

child Head

Thought one : Maybe a child trying to have some innocent fun. There are too many naughty kids in the community after all. Could be one of them. But the child couldn’t have been so quick to disappear; not a possibility.

Thought two : Probably a salesman trying to sell some odd product. Hmm. Then why would he go without even marketing his product to me?

Thought three : Is someone stalking me? No, I wouldn’t even want to think of it. The thought itself makes me stutter.

Thought four : Maybe a foiled robbery attempt. I should keep my valuables safe elsewhere. I will do it today.

Thought five : Oh my!! The door is open. Did someone enter the house? My mind. You make me paranoid. But I didn’t see anyone.

The thoughts are pouring. One after another. A robber in my house. What if I get in and he is still in there? What if he were carrying lethal weapons? What if he has seen me looking in? Would he have suspected that I saw him even though I didn’t? Should I call the security guards? But I do not know for sure that there is someone. Could it be a prank? It has been so long. Someone would have turned up by now if the intent were to scare or pester me.

Uff. I can’t deal with this alone. I will have to call someone. My phone. I don’t have it. Oh me. How could I leave it behind? Let me have a word with the neighbors.

As I walk down to next house, I hear the bells again. I hear it clearly. Yet again.

It is unusually breezy today. The wind gods have gone into a frenzy. Inspired is my mind. I hear the bells again; this time much louder. No that wasn’t my door bell! Yes, it did sound similar to mine. The wind chimes; yes the chimes at the D’Costa’s.

My dear mind. You are a story teller. I wish you could just let me be. I wish you could keep it simple. Life would have been much less complicated.

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop, they say.

True indeed. A few minutes of idle time is all it takes for the mind to weave a story. A story sculpted in the name of reality.

Some minds weave simple stories. Some complex ones. And some complicated ones. As the legend goes, the complicated ones go on to become bestsellers!