Every man’s island, Jean Louise, every man’s watchman, is his conscience!

Harper Lee and her To kill a mockingbird are eternal. A favorite of mine today and always. Extending her previous one, she left us with another gem of a book Go set a watchman. I haven’t had a chance to read it; can’t wait to read it though. Now more than ever. For she now she lives in us through her books. This article is an ode to her writings; a humble attempt at deciphering a simple teaching.

Go set a watchman

Every man’s watchman is his conscience!

Better words couldn’t have been said. Strikes a chord and good one too.

Guilt; a silent killer it is; it can take the life out of you and yet leave you alive. A clear conscience is a priceless possession. Probably not many of us can claim to be proud owners of one. In the race to succeed in life, we have made our mistakes; small or big is immaterial. Emotions, values, dreams, people; so many things left behind in the pursuit of life.

When we look back at the past, there are events that we regret. There is definitely a cozy nest we wish we could go back to but never will. There is this part of us which we would give anything to change but do not for the fear of making a mistake; a mistake that may prove fatal to our existence in this world.

The conscience; every man’s watchman it is. Guarding the soul from theft; shielding it from damage. A watchman who ensures that you do not pollute your self with any act that would cause you sleepless nights forever.

Harper Lee, thank you for making us think. May your soul rest in peace. You continue to live in us through your writings!