Keep your face towards the sun
And the shadows will fall behind

~ Walt Whitman

An inspiring thought indeed. Thought provoking too. Don’t the shadows fall behind when we have our faces towards the sun? Doesn’t this ring a bell when it comes to our lives as well? The age old concept of focussing on the good! The ghosts of the past shall be left behind. If only we let them.

Romanticising the negatives and glorifying them; there is nothing like it right? Ask me and I will say, yes. It brings out a myriad of emotions. And for some of us, the not so good helps to get the creative juices flowing. But those very flaws of life play with your mind if you replay those events. And probably bring out the worst in you. A side of you which you wouldn’t want to show the world. Never. Ever.

Then why subject yourself to that pain; to that torture? Why not let bygones be bygones? The past is after all long gone. Why let it drill into your present or future? What is not in your control is not for you to control. Let go. Let peace prevail.

Face the sun. The shadows will fall behind.