Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.

One of the greatest poets that the country has seen, Rabindranath Tagore, makes a striking poetic statement here. Undeniably true.

Faith. The belief that good times will beckon no matter how dark it seems at present. A hope that rests with the unknown; a trust that there is light at the end of the tunnel. A tad difficult to put it in words. That’s faith. An inexplicable feeling of positivity.

The morning bird never fails to feel the light. The light dwells in it’s mind. You may say isn’t that obvious. The dawn may be dark but like every other day light will descend on the face of this earth. That’s a given. The cycle shall not cease. So is the case with our lives. Why do we forget that time and again? Every page of turmoil follows up with a page of joy. Only if you let it, of course.

Easier said than done. I agree. I am no noble soul who follows this golden rule. Of keeping faith. When problems surmount, faith is the last thing on anybody’s mind. Even mine. Why me is all that I ask. Probably that is the reflex that we have grown up with. And old habits die hard. But those old habits have to die. For our own good.

The negativity that breeds in our thoughts ushers in more negativity in our lives. And the viciousness of that circle better be left unsaid. It is the chakravyuh that will swallow you as a whole in the Mahabharata of your life. Once trapped, you may never come out alive. And that is a thing to avoid.

Holding the hand of faith and moving ahead should be a way of life. Not that it comes easy. Not everything comes easy. This habit doesn’t either. But isn’t trying the first step to success?