No, today doesn’t seem too bright
The sun has chosen to hide behind dark clouds of grief
It is bound to rain soon, very soon
Droplets of pain are eager to usher out
But I shall not let them
I shall not!

I see shadows everywhere
Smiling with exuberance

Rather weird I must say
A gloomy day with shadows
The sun is not to be blamed as always

Today, a stranger took birth yet again
The ghosts of the past have come to haunt
Casting its shadows hither and tither
Shadows of loneliness
Shadows of sorrow
Shadows of betrayal

Yes, I was wrong
It was my fault
I made a mistake
I realised my folly
When the dampened scars resurfaced
When the healed wounds broke open
This time in greater depth
Inducing a pain i once fought to avoid

Well, what is done cannot be undone

I wonder if I will be the same ever again
Maybe never!!