You can determine how confident people are by listening to what they don’t say about themselves

I read this quote from Brian Jett and it got me thinking. Quite true. Underplayed achievements and talents are extremely admirable. Enigmatic personalities. I call them that. Calm yet confident. Never too loud yet celebrated. In a different sort of way. 

Not a thought that is upheld in modern times. With social media taking center stage, personal branding has taken an altogether different level. Today’s times require you to go all out and display what you have in store. Marketing is the way to go. And it is lauded too; silence is reprimanded. The “jo dikhta hai, woh bikhta hai” syndrome. 

Marketing does its job only when it is classy. The gaudy, over the top never gets its due. If we believe in ourselves, it reflects in our personalities. And subsequently in everything that we do.

The best in business will never have to say a word about what they have to offer. Actions and results will speak. For people to sit up and notice. Not to say that marketing is wrong; market yourself just enough to offer a sneak peek. The rest should be a mystery that unveils itself with time. Ensure that what follows is a blockbuster!