Everything is created twice; first in the mind and then in the world!

Intriguing indeed. True nonetheless. We are what our thoughts are; that is an oft repeated phrase. Our thoughts carve our destiny. The universe conspires to confer upon us all that we make ourselves to believe. Theories several. If only we could have them imbibed in our lives.

Easier said than done. Even I say this more often than not. When the mind has decided to stray, it takes an incredible amount to will power to make it stay still. The strength of the mind they say.

Haven’t we observed time and again that as and when we create images of negativity in our minds, the world around us suddenly seems so cruel, so unbearable? What is created in the mind manifests itself in greater glory on the outside. And what do we gain out of it? Misery. Pain. Sorrow. Or more. Those thoughts have the power to drive you to the point of depression. 

When we dream of good things and believe whole heartedly that good begets good, the world appears to be a happier place. Every moment of anticipation, excitement and joy becomes a memory to be cherished. They become sources of unparalleled happiness.

We can possibly not keep ourselves calm, stable and strong always, right? Each of us have our ways of dealing with negativity though. Writing is mine. When my fickle mind resolves to weave a web of negativity and make me feel miserable; I dump my thoughts on a scribble pad. Not that it always helps but it does release some of the tension within my system. The notepad becomes the world for those thoughts. Stories and poems take form in those moments of solitude.

We all need an outlet to let go. In whichever form be it. Let it go before it gets imprinted on the canvas of your existence; before it chooses to ruin your world.