Sitting by the window of her new house, she gazed at all that was around
Rain splashed meadows
Twittering birds
Colour drenched flowers
A beautiful picture painted on the canvas of nature

Driving through by-lanes unknown
She revelled in sights unseen
Exploring avenues unexplored
Treading on paths untrodden
The thrills of her journeys were not to be matched

A perfect life; or so it seemed
But something felt awry deep down her heart
Life seemed complete
Yet incomplete

Countless memories left behind
To start a life that was once a dream
Worth it or not
A question lingered..

Is this my dream, she asked of herself
Yes said her mind, no said her heart
A silence ensued thereafter
The mind or the heart, which of it was true?

Trembling yet strong, her heart gave its say
The moments are gone, the memories will stay
Hold on to the old but create some new

The past is long gone and shall stay so
The future awaits with experiences anew
A beginning comes with an end
The end is the beginning of a new
The heart and the mind now sing in rhythm
In acceptance of what is and what will be!