The keyboard is at work
As words turn into sentences
And sentences to stanzas
A poem takes form
One line after another
Only to be erased the very next moment

No words seemed enough
To express
The turmoil of her heart
The pains of her past
The deluge of her memories
The sadness of her being
The suffocation of unshed tears

A betrayal of sorts
She muttered in despair
But her words wouldn’t relent
Not now they said

As she shed that long unshed tear
Unable to witness the pain that she bore
The words came flowing
To relieve the sorrow that engulfed her heart

As she scribbled her thoughts away
In the re-found company of her words
She felt a tinge of happiness walking her way
The walk turned into a sprint
And the sprint into a run
Before she could notice
She was held her in tight embrace!