There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Words from an incredibly strong woman, Maya Angelou. The mystery of certain lives, aren’t we often intrigued by it? What appears is not what is. What is, is not what appears on the outside. The complexity of a human life, that has a certain intriguing quality about it. An untold story; most of us bear at least one such story. That dark part of us which is seldom or maybe never shown to the world. That part of us which only we know about ourselves.

Mystery is romantic, isn’t it? There is a certain ecstasy about being mysterious. It can be agonizing as well. A story told or untold can, at times, make or break you. Sharing may break you; not sharing may break you too. There is a choice to be made. A choice that can change your life. Some stories are better left unsaid. The torment be left to one. Or no? To each his own.

The untold story. A story that can inspire the writer in you. A story that can bring out the preacher in you. A story that leads you to motivate your own self and sometimes the world. The world has seen many. Maya is one. There are many more. After all, an easy past doesn’t make a person strong. The untold story comes with it’s agonies and perils.

The untold story. The agony. The mystery. The strength. The pain. What more can be said of the untold story? Best left told or untold?