Fear defeats more people
Than any other one thing in the world

 ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

An interesting thought, isn’t it? Not an oft acknowledged one though. We have too many things to blame for our failures after all. Destiny, people, our inadequacies and what not. But not our fears. I am myself guilty of this very behaviour. To make up your mind to face your fears, that is probably the most difficult thing in this world. I believe so. Fear of heights, fear of water, fear of closed spaces, fear of the unknown; I am an embodiment of fears myself. If only I could let go.

A leap of faith; how often do we help ourselves to take that leap? Not often. Some of us may say, never. The comfort zone as they call it ties us to itself. Novelty is dreaded almost always. There are fears that are cultivated in our minds right from the day we are born and continue to breed as we grow. From our parents who induce fear under the pretext of being protective to the society which induces fear under the veil called norms to be abided by, we have all led lives where fear has been integral. Some of us have managed to come out of those fears; while some have stayed true to those fears. And have let our fears defeat us, not once, not twice but many times. Did it do us any good? Well, not really. It can do no good. That’s a given.

Experiences teach us a lot; even to let go of our fears. But we need that push too. Sometimes in the form of people. Sometimes as circumstances. And there are times when we have had to let go. The results that followed surely would have been magical. The ecstasy of a fear conquered is incomparable. We all have our experiences to relate to that feeling. I have many. So do you.

Why let fear defeat you when letting go is an option? To control your mind or be controlled by it; that is a choice to be made. And what to choose; you know it better..