Geet mein dhalte lafzon mein
Taal pe chalti nabzon mein
Naya, kuchh naya to zaroor hai
Shaam se leke seharon mein
Dhoop chadhi dopeharon mein
Naya kuchh naya to zaroor hai

I wake up to these beautiful lines on a lazy Saturday morning. With nothing exciting to look forward to, I only wanted to curl back into my bed and sleep a few more hours. But sleep continues to evade me. I have a love hate relationship with sleep for all you may know.

The music continues to play in the background. The rhythm catches my attention for a split second. And then the lyrics. Naya kuchh to naya zaroor hai. Really. Is there something new about today? I ask myself. Huh. That’s a joke. The same old routine. It was the same old drowsy week with a workload that nearly killed me. The weekend had nothing new to offer either. But I like the lyrics. There is something positive in its vibes. Searching for something new in the monotony of every new day.  The dawn and dusk and the noon have something new to offer after all. Repeat. The lyrics sink in.

Haan yeh umango se
Phoola hua seena hai
Lamha yeh maanga nahi
Isey humne chheena hai
Yunhi jeena hai..

Umango se phoola hua seena hai. Lamha ye maanga nahi, isey humne chheena hai. There is so much to look forward to. Moments are not asked for; they are created. That’s life.

I look into my own life. Isn’t there so much that I can do? There is a book that is left unfinished. There is an article left half written. There are songs left unheard. There are places yet to be visited. There is so much left undone. There is so much to look forward to. If only I could make myself to believe that. Monotony can be part of life only if you let it be. Moments are to be created. Magical lyrics indeed!! The lyrics infuse an unusual kind of energy into me. Inexplicable in words. Nonetheless, I wanted to jot down those feelings. That’s my route to happiness. That sense of enthusiasm and joy when I bring myself to write something.

Dhool jami thi aankhon mein
Khwaab khile ab laakhon mein
Naya kuchh naya to zaroor hai
Dard ki baatein kal ki hain
Aaj mein khushiyaan chhalki hain
Naya kuchh naya to zaroor hai

Dreams are plentiful; pain belongs to the past; the present has only happiness to offer. Naya kuchh to naya zaroor hai. There is definitely something new about today. Refreshing lyrics. My mind has already played it a hundred times. The energy is unmistakable. Music is therapy.

Isn’t there an inherent message in this song? Of being creators of our own destiny. If we wish to bring meaning to our days, we have to work towards it. Opportunities are abundant. Doors are open wide only if we look for them. If we close our minds to the positives and let the negatives breed, our lives will succumb to it. Brooding over the anything bad about life is a natural instinct for most of us. The fortunes of our life are often taken for granted, if not ignored. Instead of thanking our stars for all the good things that we have, we tend to wail about everything that is awry about our lives. If there be something wrong, it is us and only us who can make it right. If we choose happiness, we shall have it. And if we choose pain, we shall have it too.

Lamha yeh maanga nahi
Isey humne chheena hai

Moments are not to be asked for. They are to be created. Seek happiness and you shall find it. Seek success and you shall find it. Seek progress and you shall find it. Seek and you shall find. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Till it sinks in.