The thought for the day. A childhood memory, maybe? Much more than that for me. When thoughts flow into words, it is magic that is created. A necessary ritual that lasted for a year or more, today I feel a void. I no longer have a platform to express my thoughts, opinions and much more. Or so I think. Maybe this is where it all begins. My platform to express. And what better way to start this journey than with the same old TFTD. That very series which aroused and carved out the writer in me.

What appears to be the end, may really be a new beginning!!

A quote from an author unknown. But whoever he was, this is a gem from his basket of good thoughts. What appears to be the end, we assume it to be THE END. Even me for that matter. How difficult it is at times to let go of things that are dear to us. People, places, things – none are exceptions. Clinging on to the past or so they say. I know how it feels. We all know how it feels. And how it hurts as well.

Haven’t we all yearned to read that next chapter of a book that is about to unveil a plot? Haven’t we waited in anticipation when we are about to reach a destination when on an interesting expedition? Aren’t our lives pretty much the same? Starting a new phase; isn’t it similar to closing a chapter and opening a new one? No doubt, it comes with a barrage of emotions. Emotions that we have no control over perhaps. But the point is, do we have a choice?

Yes we have a choice. To dwell in the past or move forward. The choice is ours of course. What we choose and when we choose depends on the strength of our souls. Nonetheless, sooner or later there is a moving ahead. The sooner the better.